E-concept Development program review

Hello Aalborg students! In the recent months, I had many talks with students who are thinking to take the path of learning Concept Development or more specifically e-Concept Development. Hence, I decided to write down my subjective experience as a recent graduate from it. Of … [Read more...]

Janteloven – the basis of danish modesty

If you have attended danish courses or read more about the danish culture, you have probably happened upon Janteloven, which represents a list of rules on how Scandinavians should think about one another. Janteloven (the Law of Jante) was created by the Danish-Norwegian author … [Read more...]

Student discounts around Aalborg

In our new article you can find a list of places around Aalborg with discounts for students. The places vary from Cinema & Theater tickets to restaurants and repairs on bikes and scooters. Check the discounts below! inCover.dk  inCover.dk offer 10% discount on … [Read more...]

How to organize your own event in Aalborg

During the year, there are so much stuffs happening in and around Aalborg, from cruise boats at the harbor to carnivals and marathons. Hence, with this article  I want to give a bit information about how can you organize an event in Aalborg and what events you can enjoy in 2014. … [Read more...]

Transportation system in Aalborg, part 2

In a previous article, we  already talked about some general issues in relation to the transportation system in Aalborg as travel expenses, different travel cards etc. So, with this, I will add some more information about the prices, rights and warranty you have, when using the … [Read more...]

Musikkens Hus (House of Music) opening doors

On Saturday 29 March 2014, Musikkens Hus (House of Music) will open up for concerts and at the same time commence 13 eventful days to mark the opening of a wide-ranging concert hall. A concert hall that will lift Aalborg’s classical music life significantly but also give room for … [Read more...]

Indskudslån or loan to resident deposit

Within previous articles, we have already written about some of the benefits of living in Denmark as feriepenge, A-kasse, SU. Hence, in this article, I will present another benefit - indskudslån or the loan that you can take from the Aalborg Kommune, in order to pay your deposit. … [Read more...]

Media Licence (DR Licence)

This week article will be focused on one very exciting licence in Denmark. It is something that many people especially students are very unhappy about. However, this media licence exists and one way or another each person using TV or any kind of other device with internet … [Read more...]

Danish traditions around the year

The new 2014 has just started and we are looking forward to a year filled with holidays and celebrations. As we are in Denmark, I decided to write an article about Danish traditions, thus we can get to know more about their culture and why not join in their celebrations :) As … [Read more...]

Tasty Onion bread with cheese

Probably everyone has experienced the awkward moment, when a friend drops by unexpectedly. Two days ago a friend of mine came to visit me together with his girlfriend. I was quit surprise when they called me half an hour before coming. I didn't have enough time to think of … [Read more...]