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Places to do sport for students - Aalborg Student

Places to do sport for students

Places to do sport for studentsIt is important a person to keep his/her shape in good condition. Fortunately, in Aalborg as every town in Denmark, there are a lot of places to do sport – from fitness to different clubs. With this article, I will share some useful information about this issue, including prices and discounts for students.


There are two well-known fitness places in Aalborg: Fitnessworld and Freshfitness. Both of the places are really good and while the last can be found only at Kennedy Arkaden and Grønlands Torv, Fitnessworld is all around Aalborg. You, must have probably seen that 🙂 So, prices….the membership in Fitnessworld is 299 dkk, after that every month you can pay from 199 to 349 dkk, depending on what kind of programs you want to be included and classes, that you want to visit. Just check the website or pay them a visit 🙂

The membership in Freshfitness is 229 dkk and after that you pay 149 dkk/month. In that price you have unlimited access to the fitness and if you want to visit some classes like zumba, yoga etc, you pay just 9 dkk/class.  Now, there is a offer at Freshfitness, that every member can bring a friend to free training. So, if you know somebody from Freshfitness, you can ask them 🙂

Swimming facilities:

For the people who like to swim, there are a couple of places here in Aalborg for that purpose:

Haraldslund Svimming Center at Kastetvej 83.
A really nice place with a fitness inside. Usually, one visit costs around 40 dkk, but if you a student at UCN, you can buy a ticket for 25 dkk from the bookstore. In that price you can visit also the sauna 🙂 There are also cheap tickets where you can have a training at the fitness and swimming session. If you are a AAU student, I-life is selling again cheap tickets for the center.

You do not need any specific equipment apart from swimsuit in order to use the swimming pool.

Svømmeland at Nørrensundby
I have never been there, so unfortunately can’t give you a lot of information about it. But you can always check the provided link.
Aalborg Outdoor Swimming Facility Skydebanevej 14
And of course, for the people, who are not afraid of the cold water, they can always check this outdoor swimming facility.

I am sure, you have already heard about Gigantium. The place, where usually you can go and watch some handball or basketball game, visit the career fair and do some sports. They have also a swimming pool with more or less decent prices. And again students can use discounts the same way as in Haraldslund Svimming Center.

Sport clubs

There are a lot of places in Aalborg, where different sports are practiced. Places for dancing, climbing, martial arts etc. Unfortunately, I do not know all of them, but Nordkraft is one that I know. You can find kickboxing, MMA, boxing, climbing classes etc. Also I must say on really good prices. For example, for the MMA course you pay only 150/month and you have around 3 classes/week. For the addicted to dances, Aalborg Dance Center is on your disposal.

Only for AAU and UCN students

AAU and UCN are facilities for students, offer also different kind of sport activities. For the AAU, there are clubs like Football club and their own fitness called UniFitness. For more information you can contact:  bestyrelsen@aasi.dk or visit the website: www.aasi.dk.

If you want to know more about the sport opportunities offered by UCN, you can check www.ucnstudent.dk and the clubs they have.
Be aware that these are mainly for students only from the specific university.

And finally the cheapest options

Apart from bicycling everyday to school you have some other free options for doing sports. As you may have noticed, a lot of people go out and run even in rainy days. There are also open stadiums in Aalborg, as well as parks with free fitness facilities inside. Another option is to buy a jumping rope and just make 5 sets of 5 min. I promise you, this will affect your body.  If you do not have a lot of money and do not mind the weather, you can try that 🙂

If you know more places, please share that information with us and the rest of students 🙂

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